Rossi Camilla

Her research traces the variations of the sign, explores the places where time and space enter into relationship and reproduce sequences that investigate objects and subjects far from figuration. The surface designed for the artistic action is a sensitive area where the artist experiments with unlimited possibilities of expression.

The repetition is transformed into a germinative method that acts as a crevice in the substance of reality through which it is possible to perceive the sense of differences and of variations.

Her works display open or veiled traces of everyday experience which can be easily recognized or only vaguely inferred. The sign therefore becomes a writing; it reveals paths and it outlines spatial coordinates of perception, interpretations and hypothesis for decrypting reality.

The investigation about the visible is managed through the printmaking technique, used as a contemporary instrument. Acids and carborundum – used on etching plates – generate new presences on paper. Paper is not just a simple support, but it is a lively, protean and multi-layered material, over which to employ different techniques. Printmaking and painting intertwine defining compositional balances that express contrasts and harmonies, flinchings and loosenings.


Camilla Rossi was born at Brescia in 1977. She took a BA in Painting at Brera Fine Arts Academy, in Milan; she also attended Granada’s Fine Arts Academy (Spain).

She has been exposing at home and abroad with a series of solo and collective exhibitions since the end of the ‘90s.